Jupyter as a Notebook Compherensive Tutorial

Jupyter Notebook is a powerful and versatile tool for interactive computing and data analysis. It provides an open-source web application that allows users to create and share documents containing live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text

Run Jupter Notebook

img 1.1

First Run ‘Jupyter Notebook .exe’ , then follow steps on the “img 1.1” above.

Jupyter Notebook Overview

img 1.2

First of all, Jupyter is a interactive noteebok that can provides run python and html codes inline.

You can analysis data, make a report, visualize data etc …

Let’s look up jupyter interface on img 1.2:

  • 1.st is a document name that you can rename it.
  • 2.nd is a interactive-line type that you can change type of line.
  • 3.rd is indicator of line, “Ln” means code mode that run python code interactively.

img 1.3

  • 1.st section includes cell options
  • 2.nd section includes run-break operations
  • 3.rd section includes all shortcut combinations

Summary, jupyter notebook has a simple interface that provides powerful method an operations

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