For Else Statements – Python

What is For Else Statements: In Python, the for-else statement is a unique feature that combines a for loop with an else block. Here’s how it works:

Here’s what each part does:

  • The for loop iterates over each item in the iterable (like a list, tuple, or string).
  • If during the iteration a break statement is encountered due to a certain condition being met, the loop exits immediately.
  • If the loop completes without encountering a break statement, the else block is executed.

The else block in a for-else statement is executed only when the loop completes all iterations without any break statements being encountered. This can be useful for cases where you want to execute some code only if the loop runs to completion without early termination. It’s often used for loop search patterns when you want to know if a certain condition never occurred during iteration.


This is for else statements

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